Both the client’s and the expert’s financial relationship is with ForensisGroup. ForensisGroup handles administrative and billing issues, while the client and expert focus on work as it proceeds. The client determines the scope and nature of the work, and the expert maintains complete control over the technical and scientific aspects of it.

Email or phone the company and say you would like to speak with the expert. Most of our experts willingly make themselves available for an initial telephone consultation at no cost or obligation to retain.

Email or phone the company and say you would like to retain the expert. The company will let the expert know, exchange any necessary contact information, set the paperwork in motion, and finalize any retainer arrangement necessary prior to initiation of services.

Clients pay the retainer and hourly rate stated on an expert’s fee schedule once an expert is retained. Experts work with us to ensure hourly fees are competitive. As each expert has different levels of professional experience, accreditation, and legal background, hourly rates may differ from expert to expert.

As an independent contractor, the expert submits invoices to ForensisGroup for work done. ForensisGroup, in turn, invoices the client. The expert is paid through ForensisGroup.

As an independent contractor, an expert submits invoices to ForensisGroup on a monthly basis for work performed on cases obtained through the company. Experts are responsible for submitting invoices to the company on a regular basis for work as it is completed. There is no set format required for invoices, however, an invoice should at minimum specify file number, case name, time and date of each billable task completed, rate for each billable task, duration of work, nature of billable task (if not immediately apparent), and breakdown of reimbursable materials or expenses. Though ForensisGroup does not require submittal of receipts for materials or expenses, it is advised to have them available if requested by clients or disputes arise. The invoice may be transmitted via email, fax, or mail to the attention of your handling Case Administrator.

Once payments are received from clients, experts are paid immediately for digital payments, and for non-digital payments, checks are sent out twice a week. Experts requiring immediate payment must specify unique arrangements (i.e. – replenishment retainers) so the client and company are fully aware of the expert’s needs.

ForensisGroup experts may specify a retainer or deposit arrangement within their company agreement that the company will execute on their behalf. However, if there is no agreement in place for a given expert, ForensisGroup generally requests a deposit / retainer of between $2,500.00 and $3,500.00 prior to the initiation of work. In certain cases, retainers may be waived at the discretion of the company and the expert. Deposits are immediately applicable to the first invoice and fully-refundable if no work is done unless otherwise specified on an expert’s fee schedule or verbally prior to case opening.

ForensisGroup does not charge anything for recruiting experts for their clients though it employs full-time staff for that work. Neither is there an obligation on behalf of the client to retain an expert whose information they have been forwarded. Our goal is to provide clients with as many quality choices as possible. If you are not satisfied with the experts you have received or if you would like for us to recruit alternatives, let us know. It is in our interest to have experts for referral with whom our clients want to work. If we don’t have who you’re looking for, we would like to know.